Young Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

Our Family is Growing!

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Big things are happening at
Young Smiles Pediatric Dentistry!

As many of you may recall from just a few years ago, Dr. Young was privileged to continue Dr. Bert Bathiany’s history of fantastic care by taking over his former office in Florence. Young Pediatric Dentistry has built on Dr. Bert’s amazing reputation, and we have seen the Florence practice flourish. Now, as Dr. Bert continues his path toward retirement, we are excited to bring his Southgate office into the Young Smiles Family as well! The location will shortly transition to Young Smiles Pediatric Dentistry – Southgate. Even better, Dr. Giulia Castrigano will be joining the Young Smiles family as well! Dr. Giulia is an incredibly compassionate and caring pediatric dentist  – a true asset to our practice and the community. You’re going to love her!
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Dr. Bert’s
Continuing Care

Dr. Bert will continue to see patients in Southgate, ensuring a smooth transition while he moves towards retirement. You’ll still see him for many months to come!

Dr. Giulia

Dr. Giulia will be joining our team, bringing her expertise and passion for pediatric dentistry to our practice.

Same Amazing

You’ll still see the familiar faces and experience the incredible service that Dr. Bert’s team has always provided.

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Our Commitment

Our dedication to delivering compassionate, patient-centered dental care remains unchanged. We’re here to make every dental visit a positive experience for your child, with the same level of care and attention you’ve come to expect.